The Difference New Bedside Lamps Can Make / Nightstand Makeover

Bedside lamps can make all the difference for your bedroom. Our lamps were so old and outdated, we got new ones from Target and they have been life-changing! These new lamps make the space so much neater and were a much-needed change. #homedecor #homeaccents #decor #lamps #bedsidelamps #homedesign #nightstands #makeover #Target #affiliate

I’m really excited for this blog post because I’ve finally gotten new lamps from Target for our bedroom! While the lamps we had before were lovely and I’m somewhat sad to see them go, it was time for a change.

Our old lamps were antique and extravagant. I got them from an auction around 10 years ago. My fiancé couldn’t stand them when we moved in with each other, but I thought they were amazing! Then just the other day, I figured I’d clean and rearrange the nightstands, and it finally clicked in my head.

This post contains affiliate links. As a Target affiliate, I earn a small commission from purchases made of the products featured in this post.


The old lamps were so huge that they took up most of our nightstands. They were impossible to clean, so just about every crevice was filled with dust. The lamps were also so tall and had such an old button that it was almost impossible to turn on while in bed.

That’s when I decided to do us a favor and order these ceramic lamps from Target. I decided to go with lamps that were way smaller and that looked easiest to clean. These new lamps have been life-changing!

It’s crazy to see the two pictures above next to each other! It really shows how huge the old lamps were compared to the new ones. The new lamps make the space look so neat and clean.


Now this is how my nightstand was arranged before the new lamps. It was definitely very cluttered. There was hardly even any room to put a glass of water!

This is my nightstand now. It’s so much better! My poor plant doesn’t have to be crammed in the corner anymore, and I have so much more room! Having my lamp closer also made it much easier to turn on at night.

I really like the detail of these ceramic lamps with the rings and speckles. The bright white also makes them stand out and contrast with our dark nightstands. If these lamps aren’t much your style, there are some other table lamps listed at the end of this post.

As per usual, our nosy kitty, Chloe, had to get in the picture too to help show off the lamps. 😸 These lamps are also super affordable and even went on sale for 20% off at the time of writing this post.

I also love shopping online at Target because they have free 2-day shipping for orders over $35 or for those placed with a REDcard. I’m so happy I decided to get our new lamps through them! They were overall a great buy and a much-needed change for our bedroom.

I’ve also put together a list of similar lamps below. Feel free to check these out too if you’re looking for some table lamps for your home!

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