Gift Guide for Bridesmaids

Looking for the perfect gift for your bride squad? I’ve put together this bridesmaid gift guide filled with everything you’d need to show your appreciation for your bridesmaids. This list has gifts that are perfect for bridesmaid proposals too! #wedding #bridesmaid #maidofhonor #proposal #gifts #thankyou #appreciation #giftguide #weddingparty

As my fiancé and I get closer to our wedding date, I’m starting to pick out gifts for my bridesmaids and the ideas online are honestly endless! In this blog post, I’ve put together a gift guide with 35 of my favorite bridesmaid gift ideas. There are also separate sections for gift bags & boxes, cosmetic bags, cards, wine & beverage, candles, bath & beauty, and fashion & accessories.

I think it’s a great idea to give your bride tribe a gift set filled with awesome items for them to use before and the day of the wedding. There are also so many ways you can customize a gift set to your taste, which also shows a great deal of thought and effort to your bridesmaids.

Table of Contents:

  • Page 1 – Gift Bags & Boxes
  • Page 2 – Cosmetic Bags
  • Page 3 – Bridesmaid Cards
  • Page 4 – Wine & Beverage Gifts
  • Page 5 Candles
  • Page 6 – Bath & Beauty Gifts
  • Page 7 – Fashion & Accessories

This post contains affiliate links. As an affiliate, I earn a small commission from purchases made of the items featured in this post.


Gift Bags & Boxes

This section contains all of my favorite gift box and bag ideas. Some are full kits with gifts included, and others are individual bags and boxes for full customization of gift options.

This “Bridesmaid” gift box looks so pretty! I’ve been eying this one for awhile now, and think it would be awesome with a little bottle of champagne included. This box includes a “Bridesmaid” champagne flute and a vegan leather card case.

These bridesmaid and maid of honor proposal boxes are perfect for customizing your own gift set. They’re so pretty too! There are 5 bridesmaid boxes and 1 maid of honor box included.

Another awesome bridesmaid proposal kit! If you’re trying to go a more simple route or are looking to take some stress off your plate, then this proposal box is perfect for you. This one includes a heart-shaped picture frame, a mug, “Bridesmaid” sunglasses, four magnets, and a trinket dish. Honestly, what else could you need?!

These bridesmaid and maid of honor totes are perfect for holding all your gifts, and they can continue to be used compared to a disposable gift bag. This set includes 1 maid of honor tote and 5 bridesmaid totes. They are also made of a canvas material so they should be pretty sturdy.


This bridesmaid weekender bag by Cathy’s Concepts is amazing, I honestly kind of want one for myself! It is almost 2 ft. long and would totally fit all of your gifts for your bridesmaids. This bag can also be especially handy for your bridesmaids if your wedding requires traveling out of town. There is a maid of honor weekender bag available as well.

This set of 12 “Bride Tribe” gift bags is another great idea that is also a much more affordable option for bridesmaid gift-giving. The lettering is a really pretty rose gold foil. There are also 12 pieces of tissue paper included with this set to help cover all the bases.

Visit the next page for cosmetic bags…

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