25 of My Favorite Planters from Amazon

Planters are such a fun way to add personality and character to your plants around the home. Planters are also a home decor staple, and there are some that look very chic! I've put together this list of my favorite planters from Amazon. They have the best selection of planters. From fancy sophisticated to more silly planters, this list has it all! #plants #garden #planters #homedecor #home #decor #gardening #fun #plant #Amazon #affiliate

These hanging glass terrariums are another favorite that are on my shopping list. The stand measures to 13 inches tall with globes that are 4 3/4 inches in diameter. The terrariums and stand can be purchased here.

My favorite propagation station on Amazon! This station is a little over 11 inches wide and features three bulb vases for holding your cuttings. The propagation station can be purchased here.

Planters with Stands

This ceramic planter with the wooden stand included looks so good! As someone with nosy pets, keeping my plants elevated is a must. It also adds dimension to my decor instead of having all my plants at the same level. This planter is available in two different sizes and can be purchased here.

This planter and stand is very similar to the previous planter, just smaller and solid white. The pot included is 4.3 inches wide, and it measures to 5.5 inches tall with the stand. This planter can be purchased here.

I am loving geometric planters lately! This planter and stand would look amazing on any tabletop. The pot is 4.3 inches wide and with the stand it is just under 6 inches tall. This planter can be purchased here.

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