25 of My Favorite Planters from Amazon

Planters are such a fun way to add personality and character to your plants around the home. Planters are also a home decor staple, and there are some that look very chic! I've put together this list of my favorite planters from Amazon. They have the best selection of planters. From fancy sophisticated to more silly planters, this list has it all! #plants #garden #planters #homedecor #home #decor #gardening #fun #plant #Amazon #affiliate

These blue and white planters are definitely one of my top favorites on this list. They come in a set of three and are available in three different shapes. These planters also include saucers as well. They can be purchased here.

Another awesome cement planter! This planter has the prettiest modern design and an opening that measures 4.8 inches in diameter. It can be purchased here.

These outdoor planters are a little different from the others on this list, but I felt it was important to include a good outdoor planter. These wicker planters look very chic and come in a set of two. They can be purchased here.

Hanging Planters

This 4-tiered hanging planter has pots that are each 5 inches wide. It is 40 inches long in total and can be purchased here.

I love these geometric hanging planters! They do require a nail in the wall to hang, and come in two different sizes as well as a tabletop option. These planters can be purchased here.


Another awesome tiered hanging planter! This planter is 29 1/2 inches long and each pot is 5 1/2 inches wide. This tiered planter can be purchased here.

This tiered planter is the last hanging planter on this last. This galvanized planter is 40 inches long and features 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch pots. This tiered planter can be purchased here.

Air Plant Holders

How awesome is this ‘air head’ planter?! I love how the air plant looks like his hair. This air plant holder can be purchased here.

Another air plant holder that is super creative! This little hand is less than 2 inches tall and only 3 1/4 inch wide. This air plant hand can be purchased here.

Glass Planters

This glass globe terrarium is perfect, I’m planning on getting one for myself ASAP! It is 5 1/2 inches in diameter and would be perfect for air plants or succulents. This glass terrarium can be purchased here.

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