Baby Monthly Milestone Ideas

The first year with a baby goes by so fast! A fun way to keep family and friends updated on the growth of your baby is to take monthly milestone photos. Since the first year goes by fast, it’s so nice to have these photos to look back on as your child gets older. It’s also amazing to see how much they change in just a month!

There’s so many ideas out there for announcing each month, like wood rounds and blankets. In this post, I’m going to list some fun ideas you can use for your monthly milestone photos. If you have any ideas you’d like to add, feel free to comment them below. I hope you enjoy this post and that it gives you some good inspiration!

The first year with a baby goes by so fast! Here's a list of fun ideas you can use for your monthly milestone announcement photos. #photography #baby #amazon #affiliate #affordable #ideas #monthly #milestone

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4″ Wooden Milestone Cards:

monthly milestone

These wooden milestone cards are actually the ones I got for my monthly milestone announcements. They’re a little smaller than I thought at 4 inches wide, but have a really pretty leaf design and are super affordable.

Leaf Milestone Blanket:

This milestone blanket is probably my favorite, but there’s so many other cute options to choose from. I know of some people whose babies outgrew these blankets, so the longer length would probably be a better idea to help prevent that. The leaf design is so pretty too and could work for a boy or girl!

Pine Milestone Blocks:

I love these month blocks and almost wish I got these for my announcements instead of the wood rounds! It would make things a lot easier so you don’t have to use a different round each time, and don’t have to worry about them outgrowing the blanket.

Monthly Stickers:

These monthly stickers are also a great idea. You can just stick them to your baby’s outfit on the front for a photo. There are a lot of cute designs but I just chose to include the simple black and white, which could work for either a girl or boy.

Wooden Milestone Numbers:

monthly milestone

Milestone numbers are also a fun and unique idea to do your announcements. They also make things pretty easy and include days and weeks for the earlier times before your baby reaches a month.


Well that’s all for my list of monthly milestones. I hope this list gave you some good ideas!

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