10 Amazing Winter Wreath Ideas From Pinterest

This year has been a little weird for me. For some reason, I just haven’t felt ready for the holidays! It seems that as soon as Halloween ends, the holiday commercials begin. Now that we are nearing the end of November, it’s about time to start getting into the holiday spirit, so I’ve decided to write this blog post on winter wreath ideas in the hopes that it will do just that!

Holiday crafts and decorating are some of my favorite activities of the year, but I must confess that I’ve never made my own wreath! I’ve spent so much money on buying them in stores, and feel it would be a much better idea to just make them myself. I have come across some amazing ideas while researching Pinterest, and I thought it’d be helpful to share a list of my favorite winter wreath ideas for anyone who is looking for ideas.

Hopefully this list can provide some good ideas for wreath-making. I’m also hoping it will help get me out of this funk and more into the holiday spirit!

The following ideas and photos included in this post have been found directly from Pinterest. Click the photo or name of creator to be redirected the creator’s webpage for information and instructions. 

Winter Berry Wreath:


This red winter berry wreath is so cute and looks so easy to make! It’s also a huge plus that this berry wreath only costs $15 to make.

Creator: Thrifty Little Mom

Grapevine Winter Wreath:


I absolutely love grapevine wreaths, and would love to try making one myself. The ferns add a unique touch and make this wreath really stand out.

Creator: Southern Charm Wreaths

Rustic Glam Wreath:


How cute is this rustic glam wreath!? The bow and snowflakes really make this wreath stand out, while the grapevine keeps things a tad rustic.

Creator: Sweet Rose Studio

Burlap Winter Wreath:


Just as I love grapevine wreaths, I also love burlap wreaths! Burlap does great at making things rustic in the best way. The striped ribbon adds amazing detail as well.

Creator: Love of Family and Home

Natural Wreath:


Now this idea might be a bit more specific, as it is a wreath made with natural materials. Still, this wreath looks absolutely amazing and the greenery is beautiful!

Creator: Craftberry Bush

Boho Style Wreath:


Boho is so popular right now! This boho wreath is so pretty and the boho style really makes it unique. It would look so good in any home!

Creator: Making Manzanita as featured on Designer Trapped

Pinecone Wreath:


This pinecone wreath looks so forest-like, I love it! I think the greenery really makes it stand out. The twinkle lights also add such a nice touch and it looks so easy to make!

Creator: Remodelaholic

Pom Pom Wreath:


This pom pom wreath looks so good! I love cream colors for home decor, they are so neutral. Bows always add such a nice touch too.

Creator: It all Started with Paint

Wood Slice Wreath:


Wood slices are becoming so popular for so many different decor pieces. This wood slice wreath is an amazing idea!

Creator: The Frugal Homemaker

Hoop Wreath:


Hoop wreaths are another one of my favorites. They look simple yet so pretty! This hoop wreath is the perfect blend of winter and simplicity.

Creator: Sincerely, Sara D.

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